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Japi Aeronaves maintenance technicians are exceptionally trained to follow the instructions in each original and model-specific inspection manual. In addition, they receive training stipulated by the aircraft, engine, system and component manufacturers.

Specialized services such as:

  • Dynamic propeller balancing;
  • Engine borescope inspections;
  • ADC altimeter testing and recertification;
  • Transponder recertification;
  • Battery analysis and testing;

For the work, the inspection manuals, based on Brazilian Regulations DAC RBHA 145, equivalent to the FAA FAR 145, are strictly followed and all operations are regularly inspected by the Brazilian National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC), which ensures the high standard of services.
In addition, the technical information is constantly updated in the internal database of maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, airworthiness guidelines, service bulletins and notifications published by the competent organizations.

The quality control operates alongside the maintenance team and plays a key role in maintaining the airworthiness of the aircrafts in operation, by physical inspections or analyses and by providing guidance to maintenance technicians.

Under the responsibility of the quality control, there is a database with a restricted and individual history of all services performed on all aircrafts in the Maintenance Center.